Sound-Active Club Lighting
at Every School Event

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Our sound-active LED lighting effects, mounted on a tripod above the dance floor, will convert your gym or banquet facility into an instant nightclub.

Having a complete lighting system at your prom or dance makes all the difference in the amount of energy on the dance floor!

Many DJs offer little or no lighting. ...or they charge extra for what they do have. We include our complete Club Lighting System (every effect in the table below) free of charge at every prom or other school event.

LED Revo 3
The latest in LED lighting effects - With 336 multi-colored LEDs creating several different moving and strobing patterns, this unit is almost a lightshow in itself.

Mega-Strobe LED
Intense flashes of white light create this ever-popular “frozen motion” effect

Martin Starflash:
A standard effect in nearly every discotheque in Europe, this is a multi-colored "moonflower" that flashes and rotates a 300-watt multi-color, beat-activated, tunnel beam.

Vertigo LED
Spins 30 beams of multi-color, beat-activated light around the room

LED Blacklight
A high-tech, high output version of the classic ultraviolet blacklight, a staple in dance clubs, that causes white objects to glow in bright purple

Sound-activated red laser beams in 16 geometric patterns
Simulates water flowing on the dancefloor in 6 rotating colors

Starball LED
The modern mirror ball.
Great for slow songs!
Fog Machine

Martin Fogger
Fills the room with FDA approved fog, emphasizing the lighting effects and adding to the party atmosphere.
We'll need permission from your building manager to use this.

100% Pro-Grade Sound Gear

A DJ Company’s equipment dictates the quality and reliability of their sound and is therefore indicative of their level of professionalism. Peak Entertainment uses only top quality, professional grade gear. Each of our systems is equipped with the components described below. You won't find any of these items at a home stereo store.

We also have a complete backup system on-site at every event to protect your event against any unexpected problems. Ask our competitors if they do the same.

Component  Description / Importance 
4 Denon Professional Media Controllers.  Denon Media Controllers offer premium sound and allow a CD-quality digital .wav file to be manipulated just like a vinyl record (pitch bend, brake, scratch) while offering all the digital options demanded by today's DJs, such as looping, sampling and filtering on-the-fly.  Tablets and laptops simply don't deliver the same sound quality or DJ controls as these units.  (
2 Shure SM-58 microphones: one corded, one wireless. Vocal quality sound and legendary reliability. (
2 Rane MP25 DJ Mixers.  Mixers are a fairly simple item but are the heart of the system and have to be reliable, and produce clean sound.  Cheap ones just don't work.  (
4 JBL Eon 15-G2 Speakers.  With 15" woofers and compression-driven tweeters, The Eon 15-G2 has become the industry standard for clean, powerful sound.  (
Amplification by Crown: JBL subcontracts with Crown Audio for the amplifier production for their internally-amplified ("powered") speakers.  More power yields higher quality sound at lower volumes.  Anyone who needs more power than this should run for president.  (